Collection: Foot Pegs

Good dirt bike foot pegs are essential for any dirt biker for a number of reasons. They provide extra grip for your riding boots, they help to keep your feet in the proper position while riding, and they add extra protection to your feet in the event of a crash. The pegs also provide extra stability to your bike while cornering and performing jumps. Finally, good foot pegs will provide a secure and comfortable platform for your feet and will last for many years. Below are some key points to having good quality foot pegs.

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1. Enhance your dirt bike experience with high-performance foot pegs. Our replaceable foot pegs are designed to provide maximum feeling and grip, allowing you to keep focused on the trail.

2. Protect your dirt bike with our foot pegs. Super strong and durable, they protect your feet from rocks, roots, and any other obstacles you may encounter on the trail. Made from high-grade materials for superior performance.

3. Get maximum control and accuracy with our replaceable dirt bike foot pegs. Their ergonomic design combined with an aggressive grip pattern ensures your feet stay in place so you can confidently navigate any terrain.

4. Increase your safety with our durable foot pegs. Constructed from stiff and hard-wearing materials to ensure your feet stay secure and your dirt bike stays protected from wear and damage out on the trail.